In the 50th anniversary year of the 911 and the 40th anniversary year of the Carrera RS Elfgoed went live. Elfgoed originated from a childhood dream, passion and hobby. A great passion for the Porsche 911, particularly the aircooled ones (that sound...).

Elfgoed means 11Heritage, a reference and tribute to the classic Porsche 911. We would like to share the heritage with other enthusiasts and make childhood dreams come true.

Elfgoed strives to offer nice and good Classic Porsches at reasonable prices.

On the basis of her network, knowledge and experience Elfgoed aims to constantly have a few desirable and/or collectible Classic Porsches to be enjoyed by other enthusiasts.

As the founders of Elfgoed act from their hobby and passion, Elfgoed is able to offer their cars for fair prices. You are invited to make an appointment and come and visit us to view our collection.

We can also assist you in your search for a Classic Porsche or, if your car meets our requirements, for a consignment or for a sale of your car to us.

Elfgoed is independent and has no alignment with the official (Dutch) Porsche organization.